Absurd view

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On the BBC’s Daily Politics programme of (January 26) we heard what surely must be the most absurd defence of EU membership and its policy of unlimited immigration which the UK has surrendered itself to.

Discussing immigration was David Lammy, pro EU Labour MP, and Steven Woolfe, the UKIP MEP and Immigration spokesman, speaking for the return of our borders to UK control.

At one point Lammy claimed that Indians who fought and died in the British Army in the Second World War were fighting for “the European project”.

Given that the EU project in its earliest guise only began in the mid-1950s, this only emphasised the absurdity of his remarks.

Steven Woolfe responded by informing Lammy that they “fought and died for Britain to get rid of a European dictator, they didn’t fight for the EU”.

Such is the desperation of the “remain in the EU” camp that this is the calibre of their arguments.

If ever there was a prime example of the panic and hysteria in the pro EU case this exchange defined it.

Dave Pascoe,

Press secretary,

Ukip Hartlepool Branch,

Dunbar Road,