Activities act of sabotage

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Anti-Brexit campaigners Clegg and Miliband have been using Parliamentary procedures to undermine procedures.

Opposition parties are demanding votes at key stages to upset invoking Article 50.

Various splinter groups have been springing up which will stop at nothing to save their beloved EU.

The most disturbing factor is that most of them are supposed to be democratic British citizens, helping to restore the prosperity of their country.

In fact they are actively engrossed in destroying it.

Earlier years would have seen them in the Tower!

Surely within the boundaries of the best legal brains in Britain there are laws or injunctions which could pursue and combat such proceedings of blatant aggression?

One would consider certain activities to be an act of sabotage against the realm, which must have dire consequences.

Or are these troublemakers much too clever?

The root of most of our problems stem from being a member of the EU.

It started in the early days as an acceptable conception before turning into the overpowering, greedy monstrosity that it is today.

Our Prime Minister, Theresa May, has a long, hard road to pursue but, despite all obstacles, the lady will succeed.

She also has a very long memory.

The present abstainers should consider their future political prospects with some trepidation.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,