Addicted to jumping

HAVING read your article about the parachutist injured on a barrier in Peterlee (Mail, December 12), such articles always make me remember that more people are fatally injured by falling off horses than jumping out of aeroplanes.

However, as parachuting is still rather an elitist sport, even grazing one’s shin brings interest to the population at large.

Twenty years ago I used to frequent the same parachute centre and I can say that wanting to do the next jump is like needing a drug, as it is such an exhilarating experience that cannot be satiated in an alternative way.

I did 10 jumps in total before I felt that I could move on.

My son later went on to do many more jumps than I, reaching accelerated freefall standard (AFF) before calling it a day, so odds on that the young student will be up there again soon to erase his earlier misfortune.

Denise Watson,