Adding more debt to debt

I HAVE seen the University Hospital of Hartlepool pulled apart by unelected, most time faceless, people who always think that what they are doing is right, and that the masses of people who live in this town are wrong.

According to those professional people – just as faceless – who have wreaked havoc on the world economies which we will pay for for a long time, we all know we have major problems with debt and accept that as a country island we can only look to ourselves to rescue it from bankruptcy.

What I am trying to grapple with is, will going on strikes across the country, disrupting the lives of many millions of our friends and family, and putting their jobs at risk, while losing many millions of very precious pounds that help pay that debt, help you, me, us?

If our country was rich with little to no debt and a Government cutting everything I would better understand the action.

If jobs were plenty and our bills were small, and Christmas was not coming, I would better understand it.

But just at who and for what good reason are we causing this disruption?

What will it change by doing it? What good will come of it for you, me, us?

My ultimate fear is that all it will do is add to the mountain of debt that each one of us already owe and we will not be able to pay our way, plunging our country into depression, taking away any chance that our teenagers have of having a reasonable start to their working lives, and those that are of retirement age having a reasonable retirement.

Adding more debt to debt, as we all know, will only end in one way.

Not being able to pay what we owe, no matter who is to blame for the first loan.

Strike when the time is right.

John Marshall,

St Helen’s Street,