Alright at the top

RECENTLY Mayor Stuart Drummond (pictured) stated that one of the reasons he could carry out the duties of both of his highly lucrative and full-time positions was because he has a PA (Mail, December 22).

These duties would, presumably, include approving the dismissal of “lesser” but possibly more worthwhile employees from their one-and-only lower-paid job because of the ongoing cuts.

Are we to assume then that when he is off learning (his own admission) the ropes as chairman of the Police Authority that his PA takes over as Mayor of Hartlepool?

If so, would this mean the said PA would receive an increase in salary to nearly £64,000 per annum for the duration?

After all, we saw our temporary CEO receive a massive increase to enable her to carry out her new duties!

It’s alright at the top, isn’t it?

Bill Burchell,

Loyalty Close,