Always an optimist

IT had to happen – Hartlepool United owners IOR placed under a harsh light.

Turning the light up to a realistic level, it is thanks to IOR, and prior to that to Mr Hornsey, that for over a decade we have become solvent, with improvements made to the ground and some of the facilities, and rid ourselves of the Garry Gibson curse.

IOR says this has cost them some £12m.

IOR is not a charity.

Having said that, it has recently taken in some “down-and-outs”.

However, facing falling attendances and a decrease in income, it is hard to figure out just how Mr Hodcroft can reverse the ongoing losses.

Thankfully he does not possess the vision of a certain Mr Reynolds.

It is often said that Mr Hodcroft is not pro-active with the Pools supporters.

Then perhaps he should shed more light to his public.

When he does speak it is worth listening.

Not too long back Mr Hodcroft stated that if financial support is withdrawn then the club will disappear from League One and possibly beyond.

I sincerely hope that does not prove to be the case.

I am, as always, an optimist. That’s why my bookmaker cares.

Consider that on the brighter side we appear to have acquired an inspiring manager and the Walsall game indicated that finally we are having some good luck.

So add commitment from the lads in blue, the continuing support of the hard-core Poolies, and maybe we can improve our present nine points to – well, survival?

Sam Mosley,

Wainwright Walk,

Seaton Carew.