Another faceless ghost town

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I BEG to ask “our” (that is a joke in itself) Hartlepool Borough Council what was the point of going to the expense of having the Mill House Pool built to the size it is if we are only going to be able to use a portion of it due to staff cut backs?

Apparently, due to the cut backs, the Mill House Leisure Centre has had enforced upon them, they now have to close off almost half of the swimming area during certain times of the day as they have not been given sufficient funding to employ the required amount of lifeguards.

Yet the council deems it just to give higher officials rises, which will be backdated no less, when they are already on an high wage in comparison with most other normal working people in the town.

In fact, the last pay rise given to Mr Walker would be sufficient to fund two part-time lifeguards, let alone what his total wage would cover.

I have not bothered to question the council over this matter but have sent a copy of this letter to the Mayor.

I do not expect anything but red tape and excuses in response.

I am aware that a lot of Mill House swimmers (soon to be ex) are up in arms over the closures also.

But unfortunately we are just the general public who are expected to put up and shut up as the already limited facilities this town has are dwindled away even further.

No wonder so many people do not rate Hartlepool as a nice place to live.

Not only is the poor shopping centre diminishing day by day but, at this rate, with the leisure facilities in the council’s firing line now, I fear that we will soon become just another faceless ghost town with nothing to offer.

Mrs L Hughes,