WHEN I had hand-written my letter to this column regarding the fight to save our A and E department and our hospital, I then re-wrote it as an email to submit to the Mail (January 31).

It was only when I read the draft again days later I realised that, by missing out the words “unlike certain councillors”, I had implied that only independents worked for the people they represent, which I’m sure we all know not to be true.

There are good and bad on all councils, of all political persuasions.

So, having realised my omission, I am more than happy to apologise for any offence caused.

I did send an amended version of my letter to the Mail, as I am sure they would confirm, but I had sent it early on the morning of the day it appeared.

Obviously I didn’t know when the original would be featured so I would assume that the format had been set for that day’s Letters page.

Thank you to the Letters Editor for allowing me to set the record straight.

Lesson learned – proof-read my submissions more thoroughly.

I will now sit in the naughty corner for the rest of the day.

Ian Holliday,

Heronspool Close,