Appoint Nigel ambassador

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“Nigel Farage, the saviour of our realm”.

This heading should be grafted in stone for what this man has achieved.

Since day one of leading Ukip, with its appealing down-to-earth honest policies, it has escalated into a growing movement of followers, culminating in a successful landslide referendum victory of 4.5million people.

He is a most remarkable man.

The success of this referendum greatly upset the establishment.

Even today, four months on, a large number find it hard to accept.

During the run-up to the contest every conceivable trick was employed to upset the outcome.

The rest is history.

Throughout his political career, Farage has always been cold-shouldered by the Westminster “bubble”, jealous and cautious of his down-to-earth, powerful oratory and political know-how.

In view of the recent achievements of Donald Trump and his most obvious friendship with Farage, it would be regrettable not to capitalise on this liaison.

Embrace the fact with an ambassadorial appointment between both countries.

After all, Farage is 100% in favour of British prosperity, the same as Theresa May.

This is in contrast to a large proportion of her undemocratic Cabinet.

John Bearby,

Tarnston Road,