Are dark days behind party?

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Congratulations to the Liberal Democrats for the stunning win in the Richmond Park by-election.

The day before polling, some newspapers predicted the Liberal Democrats were going to lose and that the party was finished.

The electoral pact it had with the Greens might have had something to do with its victory.

Figures were published showing Britain had just gone through a period of record levels of immigration, the day before polling day.

The vote shows two things about the court of public opinion.

1. Brexit might be called off.

2. The alternative to Heathrow, known as Boris Island, is back on.

This is the first Liberal Democrat by-election victory since the late great Charles Kennedy was ousted by his colleagues.

With Tim Farron as its new leader, one has to ask if the dark disasters of the Nick Clegg years over tuition fees are now behind it?

Zac Goldsmith was one hell of an opponent.

He is one of the richest men in the country.

He was the incumbent MP.

Nigel F H Boddy, solicitor,

Fife Road,