Artists hope to flourish at Scottish exhibition

Nicky Hugill and John Carter get ready for their exhibition.
Nicky Hugill and John Carter get ready for their exhibition.

SCOTLAND beckons for two Hartlepool artists who are weeks away from showing off their colourful works.

But Nicky Hugill and John Carter will not just be putting their paintings on display.

They have arranged everything from the hiring of the venue to the hanging of the works, and the invitations to the preview, and the catering.

All this is for an exhibition which is 118 miles from their home town.

Nicky, who is a registered nurse as well as an artist,explained: “We are looking to raise our profile as artists by doing this exhibition. Ideally, we would both like to find ourselves gallery representation.”

The exhibition is at the Dundas Street Gallery, in Dundas Street, in Edinburgh.

But Nicky added: “I am 
still inspired by the people and the landscape of Hartlepool and the surrounding areas.

“I will be exhibiting paintings of puddles in the fields near Dalton Piercy, a series of bus stops around the town, and industrial landscapes towards Middlesbrough.”

Nicky, 34, is an Edinburgh girl by birth and moved to Hartlepool has her husband is a “Poolie”, she explained.

Her previous works have shown scenes of the industrial heartland of Teesside and the inside of a traditional Hartlepool pub.

Nicky is married to Adam Hugill, 40. The couple lived in Edinburgh for eight years before returning to Adam’s hometown more than three years ago.

She said she carries a sketchbook with her at all times and added: “I draw people at any opportunity in cafés, on public transport and even out the window.”

John currently works full time as an artist, mainly on commissions.

He said: “I strive to achieve a series of disciplines through drawing and painting.

“It is essential that my drawings and paintings are full of detail, executed with flair and steeped in my own individual style.

“Since my youth I have been inspired by fantasy art and I have tried to implement realism within imagination, whilst paying homage to the great masters of the Renaissance through to the most modern working artists.”

He works as a commissioned artist, mainly in portraiture on “diverse subjects ranging from “imaginative concepts through to children, families and animals.”

The exhibition runs from February 21 to February 27.