At what cost?

A FREE event? At what cost?

It appears Mayor Drummond thinks that anyone who objectively challenges his opinion regarding the tall ships event is unfit to be called a Hartlepudlian (Mail, February 21).

Does he not realise that the very reason people challenge his opinion is because they have the best interests of the town at heart?

Perhaps he should consider a public apology.

He stated the majority of people had contacted him and praised the “fantastic” event and also said it didn’t cost a fortune to put on, only costing £3.9m.

Well nobody disputes it was an entertaining weekend.

However £3.9m may be a tiny part of Mayor Drummond’s overall budget but it still represents a huge sum of money to the average taxpayer of Hartlepool.

A senior Hartlepool Borough councillor recently stated that a £1m Government grant was equivalent to a 2.5 per cent rise in council tax.

Therefore it appears the tall ships event has cost the good people of Hartlepool the equivalent of a 10 per cent rise in council tax.

Perhaps Mayor Drummond should ask those who praised the biggest free event in England if they think a 10 per cent increase in council tax is a fair price to pay.

Keith Parkinson,

Oakland Avenue,