Binned leaflet

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What irony.

Mr Cameron giving the British people a chance to vote in a referendum in June, then sticking them with the cost for doing so with a £9million charge in tax.

Moreover the leaflet will end up in the bin, never having been read.

Mr Cameron is sending a leaflet to every household in the country, informing the public of what the EU can do for Britain and its people.

The past 40-odd years have already proved that.

That’s why we are holding a referendum to extricate ourselves from the now failing EU.

I see echoes of Mr Blair here, when he stepped down from his premiership and his ambition to be president of the EU, which never materialised.

Could Mr Cameron be looking for employment in the EU at the end of his premiership?

Probably after the “out” result of the referendum in June.

What I consider to be Mr Cameron’s manipulating tactics for an “in” vote will come to nothing.

It’s the British voters who will decide their own fate in June.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,