Blooming wild

editorial image

I notice ground work has already begun,

Preparing the town for wild flowers.

And if I’m right there’ll be so much more

Germinating from cool April showers.

Last year a kaleidoscope of beauty and colour

Invaded our town’s highways and byways.

The ambiance spread to the young in their schools,

And the elderly in their quaint old shy ways.

It opened the eyes and lifted the spirits

Of folk on the way to their workplace.

In fact I think many tempers improved

As drivers slowed down in the rat race.

Queues for buses within sight of the flowers

Purposely missed one or two.

And pilots flying over slowed down for a while,

Allowing their passengers to admire the view.

Children in school trains laughing and singing,

Hordes of bees flying around in a trance.

Students on bicycles, bells loudly ringing,

The Mayor and councillors held a floral dance.

Visitors to the town were very impressed,

And I believe many places will benefit.

But, along with many thousands of others,

I think the council and staff deserve credit.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,