Brexit bullies must not win

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It is a very sad day for UKIP, and indeed Brexit Britain, now that Nigel Farage has resigned his leadership.

Without his initial impetus, and the overwhelming successes of his following, the referendum would never have taken place.

One man brought into stark reality the frailties of the Brussels Assembly.

By his ‘straight from the shoulder’ fearless oratory, he confronted the Assembly and told it a few home truths.

It was a joy to behold.

The will of the British people came into fruition, with the consequence of a referendum.

It terminated in a conclusive landslide result to leave the EU, by three million votes.

The bemoaners, those who refuse to accept the result, are trying by fair means or foul to disrupt or over-rule the proceedings.

So much for democracy and basic principles of what these people stand for.

Eventually the EU will disintegrate, through its arrogance and stupidity.

Member states will come to observe their underhand and bullying tactics, and particularly note the ongoing successes of the British economy without the restraints of EU domination.

J W Bearby,


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