Brown wrecked a health economy

USING statistics and percentages, Rob Meggs (Mail, January 17) continues to try and convince us that life was rosy under Gordon Brown.

The majority of people, however, are not interested in contrived figures.

They rely on their own eyes, ears and judgement.

In Brown they saw a man who, as Chancellor in 1997, took a healthy and robust economy and wrecked it.

Then the real Brown emerged as he steadily brought this country to its knees as Prime Minister.

“British jobs for British workers” he intoned whilst holding the door open for waves of east European immigrants.

He nationalised Northern Rock, threw billions of pounds at RBS, allowed the creation of hundreds of government non-jobs with ludicrous titles and fat salaries, sold gold, devastated pension funds and borrowed remorselessly to finance his dream of a Socialist Utopia!

Oh, and he signed away the last vestiges of our sovereignty with the Lisbon Treaty, a “tidying up exercise” he said!

I’m sure that statistics and percentages could be produced to show some coalition successes, and there have been some, but who would entirely believe them?

Labour lost the last election because of their profligacy, waste and incompetence and they will not win the next one.

It will be handed to them on a plate because of a weak, ineffectual and spineless prime minister who thinks more of the welfare of foreigners than he does of his own people.

There is a strong possibility that there will be another coalition government, this time with Labour and the Liberal Democrats, in which case we can kiss goodbye to being British as we (used to) know it.

Bill Burchell,

Loyalty Close,