Call for old shipmates to get in touch

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Many Mail readers will have served in the Royal Navy.

The older ones, seeing service in the Second World War, will no doubt recently have been casting their thoughts back to the end of the war, either Europe or later Japan, with all of the commemorations around the country.

Those a little younger called up for National Service, the youngest still serving in our much-reduced Royal Navy.

One thing is certain, they will all think back and remember the camaraderie and friendships formed at the time, only to be broken when moved to a different ship or shore base.

Lots of ships have associations, full of their old shipmates.

A new monthly service recently started to help find whoever is being looked for.

Many of the ships association secretaries are sending details of their reunions to R N Shipmates for the monthly listings of reunions and other notices.

This monthly service is totally free.

Ships association secretaries, are you on my monthly mailing list? Nearly 400 are.

Looking for someone? This is a good start point.

Get the latest news. Did you serve in the electrical branch in the Royal Navy?

Exciting news coming up soon if you did!

And for those who just want to live the camaraderie again, R N Shipmates are having another reunion next April.

Interested? Send brief details to

Mike Crowe,

Isle of Wight.