Calling each other’s bluff

AS someone previously involved in the bus industry I must say that the current situation in Hartlepool is intolerable.

From March 27 Seaton Carew will have no Sunday bus services whatsoever, while the Headland will have no evening service other than on Fridays and Saturdays.

That’s not to mention Dalton Piercy and Elwick losing their bus services completely.

Hartlepool Borough Council is named in the current Buses magazine as one of the 10 worst councils in the country for bus service cuts.

There is an obligation for local councils to support socially necessary services on top on what the operators are prepared to operate commercially.

Our council is failing in that duty.

It is not for the council to decide what is or isn’t commercial but the operators.

Having said that, it does not reflect well on Stagecoach either.

Arriva has registered a considerable number of services commercially which were previously subsidised by Durham County Council and would otherwise have been withdrawn, but Stageocach has not been prepared to operate a single service.

It is hard to see how they can justify running five buses an hour between the town and Owton Manor seven days a week right through until 11pm while not providing any service at all to Seaton Carew on a Sunday.

It appears the council and operator have been playing games with each other, trying to call each other’s bluff, with the bus passengers turning out the innocent victims.

I Wilson,

Esher Street,