Calling for a total rethink

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I sometimes doubt the sanity of our local Hartlepool Borough councillors, whatever party they belong to.

Having purchased Jacksons Landing in 2013 for £1.3million, I assumed that they had a range of ideas as to how this site and the building could be developed.

Sadly this is not the case, and I see that the first proposal is to demolish the building because “the building has become associated with failure” (Mail, July 23) and “removing it offers an opportunity to re-launch the waterfront”.

What a load of rubbish!

Demolishing the building at a minimum cost of £40,000 will not make the site any more attractive to developers.

And the second proposal to build another hotel in direct competition with the Best West Grand Hotel, Travelodge and Premier Inn is ludicrous.

Supposedly plans are in place to bring elements of the National Museum of the Royal Navy into the waterfront.

So why can’t Jacksons Landing be developed as part of the Hartlepool Maritime Museum facility, to extend the potential for tourism in Hartlepool?

It does not take a great deal of initiative and imagination to use the building as an annexe to current facilities, providing additional attractions for tourists and locals alike.

Otherwise what space is there available for the Royal Navy Museum in close proximity on the Marina?

If it ever occurs?

Three years down the line councillors have no real constructive plans other than to do the exact opposite and flatten the site.

The original design of Jacksons Landing is quite distinctive, certainly fits in well with a Maritime character of the yachting fraternity, and I ask that our councillors have a complete rethink.

Hartlepool Marina does not need another hotel in direct competition to the three others already close by.

Nor does it need further leisure or cultural uses which can be included in the now 10-year-old proposals for the Church Street development.

John Rennison Vayro,

Sandbanks Drive,

Hart Station.