Catholic church has turned blind eye to animal cruelty

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For 2,000 years the Roman Catholic Church has denied animals their right to our sense of justice and morality.

While stating that cruelty is a sin, the Church has turned a blind eye to all cruelties.

The General Election letter sent to Catholics in England and Wales from our bishops, highlighting issues for voters to consider, did not have one word to say about animals.

The website of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has many committees, offices and departments, but not one word to say about animals.

It’s time the Roman Catholic Church (and indeed all religions) gave proper guidance on what is cruel, and condemned it.

My online petition, which is asking the Bishops’ Conference to set up a committee “on matters of responsibility and justice towards our fellow creatures”, would, if successful, bring animals into the official province of the Roman Catholic Church.

No longer could they be ignored.

The petition can be found on the Catholic Concern for Animals website home page.

It can also be found on the Care2 website, where it can be searched for by name Call on the Catholic Church to do more for animals ( or just Catholic/animals).

Please, Hartlepool Mail readers, sign this petition and help promote this important petition.

Virginia Bell,



Milton Keynes.