Centre is no substitute

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I WAS horrified to see that our Mayor, Stuart Drummond, supports the closure of our A&E department in Hartlepool (Mail, September 8).

Talk about back stabbing the people of Hartlepool.

I thought Stuart Drummond supported the people of Hartlepool.

But it seems he has gone against the grain.

Don’t forget Mr Mayor, when you are due to be voted in again I hope the people of Hartlepool remember and do not vote for you.

And there’s Ray Mallon, lovely Mayor of Middlesbrough, who supports his townspeople.

As for the A&E department at One Life Hartlepool, in Park Road, it is no substitute for the University Hospital of Hartlepool’s A&E and only seems geared up for cuts and minor injuries.

I just cannot see the point of this stupid centre.

It has less facilities than the original A&E at the hospital.

Stuart Drummond should do the decent thing and resign.

You’re no friend to the average Hartlepool person as far as I am concerned.

Gerald Gillies,

Warrior Park,