Chance to advise the authorities

RICHARD McCabe said he is not against nuclear power in itself but he is very concerned about proposals for a new nuclear power station in Hartlepool (Mail, January 12).

His objection is that it will be located too close to local communities and he believes that this represents a very real danger.

These concerns have been expressed in public many times.

The Government is advised by the Health and Safety Executive and the Nuclear Installations Authority on matters relating to the safety of nuclear power stations.

After very detailed consideration they have advised the Government that they support the building and operation of a second nuclear power station at Seaton Carew.

They will continue to be deeply involved in safety considerations as the project is developed.

The Government’s public consultation on this matter is still underway and Richard McCabe may wish to advise the authorities of his worries about public safety.

A recent local consultation showed that 73 per cent of respondents believe that a new nuclear power station will be good for Hartlepool.

Jim Allan,