Check for bars

MY view regarding the article, Camera car snaps 732 at bus stops (Mail, October 17) is that if any driver gets snapped stopping or parking at a bus stop, except outside prescribed periods, they deserve to be ticketed and fined £70.

Paragraph 243 of the Revised 2007 Edition of The Official Highway Code states, among other places, do not stop or park at or near a bus or tram stop or taxi rank.

However I have sympathy for any driver who has been ticketed and fined for parking on single or double yellow lines without a transverse bar at either end.

There are many such lines on Hartlepool roads with a missing transverse bar.

York Road, between Victoria and Park Roads, until July 27 had a transverse bar missing at one end of each set of the double yellow lines laid down there.

Consequently none of the double lines in that section of York Road before that date were lawfully signed to legally enforce parking restrictions.

Similarly Holdforth Road, between July 13 and 27, had two sets of double yellow lines signed with a one-car length of unrestricted roadway between them.

Each end of the two sets of lines was void of a transverse bar, hence parking restrictions could not legally be enforced against any driver parking on the lines.

Most drivers, unknowingly, could have parked anywhere on those double lines between Howbeck Lane and Kensington Court car park for a fortnight with impunity of being ticketed and fined.

My advice to drivers is to have a camera, even a cheap one-use only one, in the car glove compartment together with a pen and notebook.

Then whenever a parking ticket appears on their car’s windscreen to check the line or lines that they were parked on to check whether a transverse bar is on each end of the line or lines.

Any missing transverse bar to photograph it, record the date in the notebook and appeal against the ticket to Hartlepool Borough Council with photographic evidence.

Dennis Wilson, BSc, Dip DI,

Kensington Court,