Cold Christmas

ON Christmas Eve I parked in the desolate, snow-covered Wesley Square car park, facing Wilkinson’s shop.

I put on my disabled badge and went to buy my neighbour an oil filled radiator.

In less than 10 minutes I returned to find my car with a £60 parking ticket.

Apparently this is a private car park and those disabled still need to pay.

I cannot complain as it was up high on a small sign.

I just felt upset that my neighbour would be having a cold Christmas as it was out of stock and I am now out of pocket trying to do a good turn.

Well at least there can be some good out of it as I can tell all those disabled reading this – park outside Wilkinson’s on the very busy Victoria Road as you will not have problems with parking officers.

Just a mention to the parking officer. Hope you had a nice Christmas.

G Spence,

Chatham Road,