Convenient amnesia

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It seems to me that the Northern MPs, the Labour leader, and all of those at the recent Labour Party conference have suddenly developed convenient amnesia.

They are screaming for David Cameron and his Government to do something to save steel-making at Redcar.

Have they forgotten 2009, when steel-making at Redcar ended?

Have they forgotten that the Labour MP was kicked out in 2010 because, in my opinion, Labour hadn’t done enough to save steel-making there?

The steelworks were left to close, with the same amount of jobs lost as now.

Of course, now Labour can blame the current Government.

Yes, it is a major blow to people in the Redcar area and further afield, with suppliers and so on affected.

Christmas is just a couple of months away.

There is very little hope of so many people finding new work, but 2009 was exactly the same.

The people who complained at that time were those affected by the closure, not, in my view, the Labour Party, which, as far as I am concerned, sat back and watched it happen.

I’m sure that we all hope that steelworking will re-commence in the near future, as it did under the coalition which saw record shipments of steel leaving Redcar.

Ian Holliday,

Heronspool Close,