Corbyn worse than others

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Iain Wright’s column (Mail, September 14) really surprised me – I think not!

He has advertised his support for the new Labour leader.

What a surprise.

He also supported Blair and his follies.

However, this guy is a whole lot worse than Blair, Brown and Mandelson put together.

To justify this you only need to look at his comments and speeches as a back-bencher.

He claimed the death of Osama Bin Laden was a tragedy.

He calls terrorist groups, such as Hezbollah and Hamas, friends.

He claimed that the previous Government spent too little, not too much, and he wants to print more money to spend.

He also stated that he believes that people should pay more in taxes.

He is also friends of Sinn Fein.

His latest one is that he thinks we should get rid of our Armed Forces.

So, hopefully, Corbyn will achieve as much for this country as Wright (and Mandelson before him) achieved for Hartlepool, which, in my opinion is zilch!

T Wilson,

Macaulay Road,