Crying for the innocent

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Rain is falling from the sky,

Tears from heaven, and we know why.

The God’s with head in hands,

More war throughout the lands.

Our own tears mix with the rains,

Innocents in harm’s way.

No longer blood

Cursing through their veins.

When will we learn?

When will this cease?

Is it possible

To have world peace?

Sadly it will not be;

The lust for power, the corporate greed,

Who don’t give a damn

About mankind of any creed.

War is barbaric,

The fallout is immense.

It makes things worse

And much more intense.

Why can’t people be happy?

Content with what they’ve got?

Instead we have minorities

Eager to kill, but for what?

I cry for innocent lives lost,

I cry for the evil of mankind.

Our beautiful planet will soon be gone,

Ruined by the blind.

Denise Murphy,

Oxford Road,