Cut out the dead wood

IT seems to me that in this day and age in Hartlepool everything has a price tag on it.

Decisions seem to be made with little thought or consideration for how things affect the people of Hartlepool.

Firstly we have had our A&E department snatched away, followed by the removal of other major departments in the University Hospital of Hartlepool.

Followed then by the termination of evening and weekend bus services, which is totally appalling and has narrowed down the life of so many people.

And then of course there is Middleton Grange shopping centre, which I find an absolute joke.

Unless you are one of the few that loves pasties, mobile phones and phone shops.

I drive a taxi in Hartlepool and my customers voice their opinions to me on a daily basis.

One elderly lady that I picked up was about ready to burst into floods of tears regarding the closure and sale of Tanfield Road agricultural department, which is at the entrance to Stranton Crematorium.

It has been sold and plans have been submitted to build 40-plus houses on the site.

This is outrageous.

The people who live in Tanfield Road have had a very quiet and peaceful daily life, which is about to be changed by the hustle and bustle of cement mixers, building supply lorries and noise pollution.

Hartlepool used to be a lovely place to live.

Now we hardly have anything.

No wonder the town crest has been changed.

The heart has been ripped out of Hartlepool.

Hartlepool Borough Council seems all too fond of selling off land and recreational facilities, and cutting back on essential services to save money.

If they really wanted to save money they could start by cutting out the dead wood from the Civic Centre, starting with the Mayor and chief executive’s positions and others that we don’t need.

Rant over.

Alison Hockborn,