Dawn brings the attack

editorial image

This is my time of morning,

My body and mind refreshed.

All equipment tight and silent,

I’m ready to compete with the best.

We moved at “zero three thirty”,

Like shadows, not making a sound.

The whispering mics were silent,

All hand signals and looking around.

We are moving fast but cautious,

Our objective some distance away.

A wadi overlooked by goat track,

We’ll be there by the break of day.

In the east the dawn is breaking,

Just a brush of some dark indigo.

I check that I’m ready for combat,

And confirm that I’m ready to go.

This is the dawn’s golden minute,

All the sky in the east is aglow.

For a second I watch it enchanted,

Taking my safety catch off; very slow.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,