Deport the undesirables

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At last common sense is filtering through the dull brains of the establishment.

It has taken a long, long time for the undecided to acknowledge that being a member of the EU is a complete and utter disaster.

And a very expensive one at that.

David Cameron’s dogged persistence in seeking fresh negotiations with Brussels is all grandstanding to impress.

Past indifferences have indicated he is wasting his time.

Another notable ex-grandee has put his weight behind exiting the EU, as well as 125 MPs and others.

Cameron’s status as our Prime Minister is diminishing.

Should the bubble burst and a quick exit formulated, the first important task to accomplish would be to deport, without delay, thousands of undesirables which I believe are blighting this country.

No quarter, no human rights appeals nor sympathy entreaties.

Stop the free-loaders.

The list is endless and must be addressed with conviction and fortitude.

It will take a decade to build the UK back to one of prosperity and order, not the shambles we have today.

Only a determined and strong Government could accomplish that. But have we got one?

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,