Disruption of our lives

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The latest prediction of the population rise in Britain is mind-boggling.

A great deal of our beautiful countryside will be swallowed up with new roads and extra housing.

Government laws and councils riding rough-shod over green belts previously excluded from any housing or development.

This mayhem is not what the British people voted, fought and died for.

Their lives will be seriously disrupted in every sense.

The whole infrastructure undermined.

Although no-one could have predicted the scale of the mass migrant influx, a great deal of the problems we now face could have been avoided by some intelligent forward-thinking by the Government.

Positive actions taken, with new laws introduced.

But, sadly, we do not have anyone of that calibre in the Cabinet, just, in my view, a group of ditherers.

Our present Parliament has proved itself ineffective.

Too easy to appease, lacking true grit and, seemingly, incapable of making, or afraid to make, important decisions.

As for the House of Lords, with 800-strong members, what have they contributed? I despair.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,