Divisive move

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“This is an important day for the North East”, said George Osborne after the leaders of the seven local authorities signed a devolution deal.

I just hope these seven authorities understand what they are letting themselves in for. It does sound great,a billion pounds over the next 30 years, giving powers to the authorities on just how this money will be spent.

What it really means is we will be getting taxpayers’ money from central government, and when we’re unhappy with the way it’s spent, we can blame the local authorities and not the government, and if they make money, the government will cut the funding accordingly.

It’s just the same as all the pubs around the country,if a landlord does well and makes it a profitable pub, the owners put up the rent, and it’s back to square one.

The same can be said for the national health service, the government wants to regionalise it,so any complaints will go to the region and not the government.

Remember it’s a National Health Service, not a regional health service.

This government is trying to divide then conquer. It’s a mistake I’m afraid those council leaders will live to regret.

Ged Taylor,

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