Don’t give too much away

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This week, Lin Homer, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) chief executive officer, stated that more people should use Twitter and HMRC’s webchat as a channel for speaking to customers.

I applaud HMRC for taking the initiative and encouraging the use of social media to ensure the business is effectively communicating with its customers.

However, I would urge employees and also customers of HMRC to exercise caution when using social media, both in a business sense and on their personal accounts.

Too often we have seen cases of people using social media, forgetting the communication is exposed to the world and that it remains as a permanent record.

We are in constant dialogue with many clients about employees who give too much away or risk breaching regulatory guidance on social media, and are therefore seeking advice on the vulnerabilities this creates for their business.

A prime example of the consequence of this is a hack or identity theft, which are continually on the rise, and becoming more prominent themes on the financial services’ agenda.’

Kitty Parry,

Founder and CEO of Social Media Compliance Platform,