Drinking nothing new

BOOZE price-fixing in an attempt to regulate the intake of alcoholic beverages of the young on a weekend (Mail, January 13).

Bar prices start around a couple of quid for a bottle or can.

Pub prices for a pint start at around £2.30.

You can go into a supermarket and a six or 12-pack will cost either under or over £10, depending on the size of the pack you purchase.

Youngsters get tanked up before they hit the bars, which is late evening before their revelry begins.

What we should remember is it was not their directive that instigated the licensing or how many bars we have in the town.

Alcohol intake by the young is not only decisively associated to Hartlepool alone and is found in all walks of our society.

It is not only a national addiction but apparently a problem of global dependency.

How do we curb intoxicant behaviour? Who knows?

Pricing certainly won’t and hitting the bottle is nothing new. It’s been going on since the days of yore.

Perhaps what might regulate the drunkenness to a moderate degree is if Hartlepool Borough Council closed the outlets at a sensible hour.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,