Drive home the message

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I write regarding the announcement that motorists caught using their mobile phones while driving will receive £200 fines and six points on their licence.

While we welcome this Government move, we all know it is unlikely to carry the weight it could if there were enough traffic police to make it a serious threat to disrupt offending drivers.

That’s why we need to ensure there is a widespread national advertising campaign to warn drivers that they’re taking too high a risk, and that there is a real threat of being caught if they persist in using a phone while driving.

Enforcement is a much more effective tool if it’s accompanied by a memorable and hard-hitting education and publicity campaign, to make using a phone while driving as anti-social as drink-driving.

In 2015 there were 22 road deaths in the UK because of mobile phone use.

Neil Worth,

GEM Motoring Assist road safety officer,

Station Road,

Forest Row.