Dumbfounded silence

WHILE in town last week, and walking past the war memorial, I was appalled when a youth on a skateboard catapulted himself along the kerb way, then paving, to land in front of me on Victoria Road.

When I remonstrated with him and his three pals who were awaiting their turn to perform this death-defying feat I was met with a dumbfounded silence.

I then informed them that the war memorial was there to commemorate war heroes who gave their lives so that they would be free men and I admit I then added some choice prose of my own.

I went on to point out that there were two skate parks in this town that were built at a cost of thousands of pounds, to which one of these “mummy’s little darlins” found a voice and retorted: “‘Ere, we don’t use them”.

The little tyke just couldn’t understand my logic.

Thirty minutes later I walked past again on my return journey.

Now there was a police van parked in the centre of the memorial.

I assumed they were there to move said boarders on.

But no, it was empty, with no sight of the officers.

Councillor Hilary Thompson okayed these skate parks. It’s now time for her to put her money where her mouth is and banish these disrespectful ’boarders.

And if the police vehicles are using the memorial as a car park then likewise.

Buddy Lee,

Owton Manor Lane,