Easy solution

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I am astonished to learn that Hartlepool Borough Council has almost £14m worth of artworks (Mail, September 4) and just a small proportion are actually on display.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance has once again highlighted the extraordinary short-sightedness of our local council.

The council announced the need to make cuts of about £640,000 (Mail, September 1) due to the reduction of Government support.

The Labour councillors can blame the Government all they like, but there is a glaringly obvious solution.

The council could easily sell off some of the artworks to make up the shortfall.

In my opinion we need to be helping the town meet ever better standards.

We have a choice: Keep some expensive artwork gathering dust or invest them towards the people of Hartlepool.

Ukip would seek to find the best possible solution and value for Hartlepool.

To keep services open, guarantee jobs and prevent further unemployment, as well as continuing to seek to improve upon what we have already.

John Tennant,

Ukip chairman, Hartlepool branch,

Tristram Avenue,