Elected mayors not worth their taxes

I SAT down to read the Hartlepool Mail and, as I sometimes do, looked at the letters page as my first stop.

A letter by Charles Powell (Mail, May 9) made me chuckle, so I read it again to make sure I was not wrong in understanding what Mr Powell was trying to say.

I must say, with no disrespect to Mr Powell, I then laughed.

His comments seem to suggest that the four members of Hartlepool Borough Council standing under a new flag, and who were independents like myself, were not delivering and indeed did not deliver any change in the years they have been councillors.

The amusing part is he seems to have forgotten that a great many Labour councillors have not only been councillors for many years but controlled the council and all that has been done in all of that time. Over 25 years.

So, just what have all the Labour councillors been doing for all of that time, as Mr Powell had in the last line of his letter?

I suggest the future is likely to be a continuation of the past.

On the same note, reading on in the Mail I came across the Mayor’s column.

He is suggesting that it is the Government that is to blame for not convincing the public of the benefits of the mayoral system, that people voted against just a week ago in many places.

I would suggest that people have looked at what has been happening in the areas where mayors operate and seen the inaction, huge cost and quality of the mayors in attracting new jobs, new industry and new hope to their areas.

As a result, they have decided that it is not worth their taxes because of the results they have achieved.

It is always very easy to blame other people, as in the example above.

The real test is being able to change what you have always done, to see if it can be done any better, remembering to allow time for that change to take place.

John Marshall,

St Helen’s Street,