EU is in a state of decline

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Claims by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan that voting to leave the EU would impact adversely on young people is nonsense.

In a speech on March 29 she argued that there has already been a drop in advertised job vacancies because of employers’ fears of a British exit from Europe.

That is just scare-mongering.

Ironically, what will harm job prospects is new legislation approved by the European Parliament.

This new law expands and strengthens the European job site, EURES, by making it mandatory that Jobcentre Plus puts all jobs publicly advertised with it onto the site.

That is not going to help employment prospects.

I am particularly concerned as the North East has the highest regional unemployment in the country.

Nicky Morgan talks of a vote to leave meaning a gamble with children’s and grandchildren’s future, and that our influence as a country would end at our shores.

The EU is in a state of economic decline while other countries are on the up.

After Brexit we could sign our own trade agreements.

We must not forget our Commonwealth ties.

Freed from the grip of Brussels we can regain our independence.

Jonathan Arnott,

Ukip MEP for the North East,

Elwick Road,