Every right to be proud of fans

ON May 5 I had the fortune to be around Covent Garden, in London, when I came across your town’s football fans dressed as Smurfs.

Firstly can I congratulate them not only for the costumes but the way they conducted themselves and simply had fun with people of all ages.

The fans were a credit to the club and to your town.

The publicity they give you must be invaluable and due to that I may well visit your town.

Without their attendance around London on Saturday I would probably have never given it a thought.

I personally spoke to some of the fans who answered my questions of why they were doing it, what was the point, etc?

Your fans attended simply to show support for the team and a team that had nothing to play for ... I even checked for your result on the night.

I was amazed to find out that they had gone almost national on Twitter, being shown updates from fans’ mobile phones.

The people of Hartlepool have every right to be proud of them and their football team.

It makes a change to see fans in such a large group who don’t make people going around their normal activities feel intimidated.

I hope to see your team progress and your town prosper and with the help of both Hartlepool United Football Club and its fans I’m sure you will.

S Bannister,

Skelwith Avenue,