Every star has a message

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When our children are fast asleep in bed,

And your mind for a moment is free,

Walk to the window and look up at the sky,

And see a thousand messages, all from me.

Every star you see has a message,

I’ve spoken to each and every one,

And told them of my love for you,

Of happy times and long hours of fun.

Of evening walks along golden sands,

Listening to the music of rolling waves,

Advancing and kissing the waiting beach,

Then ever so gently embrace and fade.

Evenings meandering down country lanes,

Listening to larks in the heavens,

Telling the world of his beautiful mate,

Guarding her nest with fledglings seven.

One day soon I’ll be coming home,

To live in that house full of love,

And I’ll always be thankful to those stars,

For watching over the family I love.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,