Everyone can be a winner

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I read the article ‘No to free parking petition’ (Mail, June 16), with interest.

Although I don’t have a car, friends and family do.

They rarely visit Middleton Grange shopping centre.

They object to the parking fees when they may only need to make a brief visit.

There are alternatives available, and they vote with their feet (or tyres actually).

If everyone is fair, I think we can appreciate that Hartlepool Borough Council can’t afford to lose all the revenue generated by parking charges.

It is already losing £3m from the power station due to the recent business rate reduction.

Surely the council can come up with a fairer, more user-friendly system of charges? Not everyone needs to park for an hour or more.

Why can’t there be more parking time options available?

It costs just over 1p per minute for the first hour.

Why can’t there also be charges of, say, 20p for 15 minutes, 30p for 30 minutes and 50p for 45 minutes?

After all, 70p is too high a cost if you only stay 10 or 15 minutes.

Perhaps the council could charge less for shorter stays – and perhaps Middleton Grange could charge less rent for empty units?

Then perhaps everyone would win.

Beverley Glover,

Milton Road,