Family values are forgotten

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The BBC show some marvellous programmes.

I admit television is a powerful medium.

It can urge and influence for good or bad in the world.

If we so choose, we can try to do something about the bad. The BBC is a giant organisation, taking millions of pounds from taxpayers every year.

Years ago there may have been a case for this but, in my opinion, not now in this modern day media circus where we are in danger of drowning in a mire of insignificance and trivia.

I always thought that public service broadcasting was for the benefit of society.

As far as I am concerned, the BBC has relinquished this responsibility now it broadcasts so much bad language.

By that I mean the “f” word and others like it.

At 77 years of age I, and many others, regard the “f” word as filth which I don’t want in my home every night.

In my estimation, this is bound to coarsen and brutalise our young, who think it is the norm.

Have we all forgotten decency and family values?

It is used at school gates by some mothers.

I am so glad I am on the way out.

Joan Scott,

Sheridan Grove,