Fight for your own country

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Perhaps I am being overly pessimistic but I expect a lot of criticism levied in my direction.

However, every time I watch the ever-increasing number of migrants fleeing their lands I think that, collectively, they could constitute an army, specially trained and equipped to quell and destroy IS insurgents from the face of this earth.

Are not the countries they were born and bred in worth fighting for?

Having cleared them out, they could go back to their land and rebuild countries they can be proud of.

No doubt such a project would require a tremendous amount of revenue.

That could easily be funded collectively by several nations with the same mind-set – wishing the extermination of this blight on our humanity.

At this present time, the Brussels Assembly appears to be at a complete loss as to how to handle the present migrant situation.

Perhaps organising such an army could be the answer.

For the long term, such a move would solve a multitude of problems.

New countries blossoming, misplaced persons going back home; the advantages are endless.

Countries which have opened their borders during this global crisis, offering humanitarian help to those afflicted, would witness a large percentage of people wishing to go back to their homeland, thereby easing population problems.

Just an old, clear thinker offering an opinion.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,