Fly to the sky and beyond

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Lay your head on my pillow and close those tired eyes,

Then together we’ll fly into England’s blue skies.

We’ll seek out her thermals, and with bold eagles soar,

Leaving all worries behind us on England’s green floor.

When we’re ready we’ll fly into a star-spangled sky,

And catch a large meteorite that’s just passing by.

We will dance on Venus and sing on red Mars,

And listen to violins played by distant blue stars.

We will stand on the edge of a new galaxy,

And watch seven moons dance a wild rhapsody.

We’ll stay for a while on the far Milky Way,

Re-affirming the vows from our wedding day.

Then turning for home a little weary and worn,

Arriving in time to catch a new dawn.

This earth we live on, an inspiring place,

Has no equal in this universe, or anywhere in space.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,