Forgetting their duties

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I heard the latest accounts of Cameron’s supposed approaches to Brussels, seeking amendments and fresh negotiations to our membership.

Apparently Brussels has had no word or ideas of his requirements or so it says.

It is my own personal opinion that Cameron has an over-riding addiction to power.

It is meat and drink to him.

Because of this, he blindly refuses to accept or entertain variations or suggestions, other than remaining in the EU.

He should take time and listen to the Euro-sceptics.

His fellow Parliamentarians appear to follow him blindly, except for a percentage of clear thinkers.

The don’t-knows, the ditherers, are scared of his recriminations, should they disagree with his politics.

But they are forgetting their duties to the British public who put them there.

Stand up and be counted.

The sheer common sense and level-headed logic of getting out of the EU seems to have escaped Cabinet members.

They seem to be content to sit back and be ruled by an expensive congregation of foreigners.

The expense of which is staggering and will continue.

At last the British people are taking an interest in the proceedings.

They are beginning to mistrust our ruling classes and the chaos they have achieved to date.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,