Forward thinking

THE Mayor has been given a unique opportunity to show his worth to the people of Hartlepool in taking a step to save this authority £170,000 in its time of need.

Being a mayor is, in my opinion, more than just having an office and a Cabinet.

Any reasonable elected councillor can do that.

A mayor has to be responsible for both the people employed by the council, and be the person who brings together the different political groups for the good of the people of the town that the mayor represents.

Being impartial in a political atmosphere and representing the town on a country-wide scale.

To turn two jobs into one would take a forward thinking, hard working individual who would put the needs of the people in Hartlepool first and last.

Being the mayor and the chief executive, combining the two posts, would bring more democracy into Hartlepool Borough Council, having an elected mayor at the helm of the corporate head of the council.

The saving in salary would be a very good start. This amount of money could, and would, save some services that without savings will be cut.

The reduction in councillors can reduce the need for Cabinet members, giving a greater responsibility to both the Mayor and his reduced Cabinet to reduce bureaucracy and expenditure at a time of the greatest need to reduce costs.

We need a Mayor for our town that puts the people’s money and the way it is spent at the top of his/her list.

This opportunity to step into the breach for the good of the town has been presented to the town’s Mayor.

The question is, will he see the need and take on the challenge and responsibility for the good of our town?

Councillor John Marshall,

St Helen’s Street,