Fraudsters shouldn’t cost genuine claimants

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As managing director of a leading professional claims portal, I was pleased to learn that courts in England and Wales have now been given stronger powers to filter out fraudulent and dishonest personal injury claims.

Many genuine people don’t want to claim as they feel there’s a stigma when it comes to claiming.

These new rules will help combat obvious fraudulent claims and, as a result, remove the bad apples, encouraging genuine claimants to come forward.

I am hopeful that this change will lead to a fairer landscape for those who have genuinely been affected, and make them feel better about coming forward.

It will make the whole process for everyone easier, and deter those who waste the courts’ time.

Although the legislation is welcome, we must ensure that genuine claimants do not have a fear of being victimised.

It’s important to identify that there is a big difference between people who don’t know if they have grounds for a claim, and blatant fraudsters.

So it’s important we don’t isolate and victimise the former, while weeding out the latter.

John Quail,,

Slington Road,

Rankine Road,