Get a life ...

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Here we go again – new year, new you.

Christmas is barely over and the “do this, do that” brigade are already preaching the way to a better body.

Open any magazine or newspaper and you are assaulted with every kind of diet advice you could wish.

And it doesn’t stop there.

How about testing your will-power even further and giving Dry January a go?

What about giving up smoking and taking more exercise?

You will live longer and be happier. Are they sure?

Oh, one more thing, don’t forget that detox before you start your diet.

You will feel so much more energised and ready to live life to the full.

If you ask me, by the time you follow all that advice there is no time left to have a life.

Now how do you make that green smoothie again?

Valerie Parker,

Catcote Road,