Get behind Edna

IN response to the article regarding Councillor Edna Wright (Mail, July 5), there once was a saying “good old Mr Wilson”.

Now it is good old Mrs Edna Wright (not too old).

At last a person who speaks for most of the town to keep the University Hospital of Hartlepool.

We don’t hear from other Hartlepool borough councillors who feel the same way, that our hospital should stay.

I can only think they are too busy toeing the line.

What about the 30,000 names on the petition? Where are these people? Or do they really exist.

They should have been putting pressure on their councillors.

Mrs Wright made a plea for a final push.

I think people from Hartlepool should fight for what they want.

Get behind Edna Wright and support her.

K Dawkins,

Jesmond Mews,